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NORWAY / 3KHighline Project Co-Creation

Updated: Sep 1, 2018

Together rigging a 2.8Km highline!!!

A summary of the magical #CoCreation with highliners from all over the 🌎in Senja.

We where a group of 30 people making dreams come true!🌈

Specially the huge one for the 2.8Km highline, team work! Fun! Communication! Pasion! Focus!💥💥💥

#TogetherEverythingIsPossible and its demonstrated that if someone has a big dream just has to share it and welcome others to be part of it! So we are happy and greateful for have been living this with POWERFUL HUMAN BEINGS! 💜💜💜Thank you for sharing your colour (passion/skill)💜💜💜

Now looking for more adventures, wishes for the world, music, dance, and everything that could come from the deepest LOVE CREATION🌈💚🌈

Thank you for the videos Smiley Videography & Visual Whiteout Official sponsors of the project: Hamn I Senja Resort, Addnature & Campz & Slacktivity

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