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It is a place that invites you to tune in to the frequency of LOVE

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It is any channel that is open to transmit and receive the magic of co create by sharing. Here we stimulate: LOVE, PEACE, UNION, IDENTITY AND GLOVESCIOUSNESS (global love consciousness). ALL THAT CONTRIBUTE TO THE DEVELOPMENT OF A LIFESTYLE THAT NURTURES OUR BEING AND THE ENVIRONMENT.

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This place can be a house, a shopping center, a school, yourself or whatever place that is open to host a

´magic box´.

You will always find a MAGIC BOX that support and nourish the "GRATITUDE FLOW FOR THE WORLD GAME” The rest of the activities will always depend on who integrates the R.S., since each one has a color, a different gift and focus.




rainbow stations around the world

activate Rainbow Station


Country:: Chile

City: Viña del Mar

-Terapias Villanelo. Salud y bienestar.

instagram: @terapias.villanelo

Country:: Argentina

City: Cordoba

-Bendita Arte y Sanación. Blessed space of art and healing.

address: Dean Funes 278-high floor

instagram: @nuestrabendita


Country: Spain

City: Barcelona

-Agartha Joy Land. Holistic-Natural Medicine Therapies-Arts Center

address: Passatge Mar D´Alboran 4-6, 08918, Port. Badalona


instagram: @agarthajoyland

facebook: Agartha Joy Land

Country: Austria

City: Freistadt

-Atelier Von Hertz. Freeminded love art project-high energetic arts-community development.

facebook: Atelier Von Hertz

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