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Hi! Hoping that you are very happy living the life of your dreams;) HOW ARE YOU?

I'm MariFlor citizen of the world, I believe that ´with love & together everything is possible!´.
About 4 years ago I started the dream of my life “Co-LOVEvolution”, a project about LOVE, MAGIC & AWARENESS that has social, educational & cultural impact. Since October 2018 this project is established in Switzerland. 

Today I have a special dream, I want to keep on travelling around the world connecting with
other people & organizations to share a new program ‘WAKE UP WORLD!´, to build up a new state of consciousness for a better understanding of the life, of who we are and to improve our relationship with others & the Nature.
To achieve this, I will run workshops & artistic activities that will be performed on donation
based, so everyone can participate!

"All of this considering that ´as it is outside it is inside´, if we want to see a change in the
world we have to start changing within ourselves."

Are you ready to contribute to a global change?

Help me to make this dream come true!

DURATION: 42 weeks, from the end of March 2019 to February 2020.

IMPLEMENTATION: 30 workshops & 10 artistic activities approx. // 5 countries already
confirmed Below you can see the stages of the implementation.

TARGET: Children, youngs & adults from different countries. Also students from schools & universities, nature communities, conscious festivals & any group of people that is interested.

Love, life, energy, mind, body, mindfulness, awareness, relationships, community, empowerment, self development, environment

Because I want to spread the transformational energy of love.
I believe that the actual world system is focused on keeping growing the industry of fear
and fear is an energy that contracts the humanity.
This contraction drives the human being to a disconnection with themselves, with their
own identity and the environment. Some of the symptoms of a world that is focused in
the competition & separatism are: Mental illness (like depression), leak of inspiration ,
violence & suicides.

The aspects that are covered in this program & that I invite you to discover are: The sense of life, the understanding of energy as a factor of unity, the ways to relate from an holistic (body, mind & soul) perspective with ourselves & with others, the importance of living in harmony with the Nature, the understanding of who we are, our purpose in life and to find ways to be happy being a positive contribution for the world.

Normally the topics covered in this program, are delivered to people through private activities leaving aside those who don't have the resources to do it. I consider that everyone should have access to this information to live in a conscious society.

My dream is to gift to the world an opportunity to have access to this information, so everyone could use this tools to improve their life quality & to share it with others.
This program is an opportunity for all those who attend to begin to manage that change!

Build up a new state of consciousness where every participant could:

- Discover GLOVESCIOUSNESS (global love consciousness), covering important aspects of life in the personal and global way, with focus in the realization of UNITY.

- Understand Life, Energy & Spirituality. Considering the impact of it in our life.

- Connect with the energy of LOVE and understand the importance of it in the process of the life creation.

- Use the creativity & imagination to co-create solutions for different situations that are happening in the world.

- Establish new ´Rainbow Stations´ through the activation of ´Magic Boxes´ as part of the ´Gratitude Flow For the World project´, that is a game to stimulate creativity and tune into the magical frequency of gratitude to attract a dreamed world.

- Develop self awareness for empowerment. Working with topics regarding with the identity, levels of satisfaction of different aspects in life, reviewing values and beliefs as pillars for the awakening process of the humanity ´believe to see´ (we first have to imagine & believe that things are possible), setting goals and developing action plans. All of this in order to be able to CREATE THEIR OWN REALITY helping the manifestation of the dream.

- Activate their colours (passions and skills) & learn ways to manifest the life of their dreams

- Become aware of the body as a way of self expression & channel emotions.

- Understand how the way that we eat affects our body mentally, physically and energetically.

- Realize about the importance of developing sustainable communities & the relationship with Nature.

-Have the opportunity to co-create new realities thanks to the new connections that will happen along the activities.

- Support brother & sister projects along the way, that are already doing an amazing job for the world, through the cooperation to perform activities or through helping to the

collection of signatures to change laws.


IMPLEMENTATION: Offering social, educational & artistic activities. Through workshops,
games and gatherings. All of this thanks to the previous connection with schools, universities
and other organizations open for the global change.

STEPS: The program is divided in 3 stages.
1) Between March & June 2019 // 10 workshops & 4 artistic activities
- Chile (Valparaiso & Santiago)
- Argentina (Cordoba)
- Switzerland (Zurich)
- Austria
- Italy

2) Between July & October // 10 workshops & 3 artistic activities
- Albania
- Switzerland
- Czech Republic
- Others to confirm

3) Between November 2019 & February 2020 // 10 workshops & 3 artistic activities
- Palestine
- Switzerland
- Morocco
- Others to confirm


*The final route could change and depends on who is willing to host the activities. The details about each activity will be informed through the media channels as events (facebook, instagram & website)

To make this dream come true I invite you to support me, first of all, through raising 11.500 euros through this crowdfunding. It is important to consider that each stage of the implementation costs around 3.500 Euros. This amount of money considers in average:

- work for the organization & implementation of the activities
- works as facilitator of most of the workshops & help the volunteers with basic expenses.
- materials like: color paint, sheets, pencils, prints, etc
- transport through different cities & countries. I will always prefer transport through earth
(because of the Climate Change situation), only will take a plane to go from one continent to the

If you are looking for ways to contribute with a deep and positive impact in the world, let's support me in this project!
Also find here other important ways to collaborate:

1) Hosting our workshops & artistic activities in your city or maybe you have contacts from universities or other organizations that would be happy to host this program.

2) Becoming volunteer to share your colors (talents & skills) in the activities with me!

3) Purchasing our products here: (super funny!)

4) Sharing the information of this project to others that can be interest.


5) Supporting the project by following us in facebook (co-lovevolution), instagram (co_lovevolution) & registering in the website (


Are you contributing to the best possible version of yourself and to the world around you?
Please feel free to ask any question!

thank you, thank you, thank you

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