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Experience the cocoa like you’ve never done before to enable the power of your heart.

We celebrate the great medicine of the cocoa through the body, art and heart.

It is a ceremony full of emotion, where a sensorial journey will open your soul to connect with the Mayan grandmothers’ energy of peace and love.

BENEFITS OF THE CEREMONY: *Energetic liberation. *Emotional cherishment *Corporal relaxation

TOPICS: *Sahumation (cleansing through copal burning). *Healing session *Oracle card message *Totemic animal connection *Shamanic dance *Sensory meditation *Crystal programming

COCOA BENEFITS : *Antioxidants exploitation *Release of endorphins *Sensation of peace and vitality *Exploitation of magnesium in its natural state (seed)

This celebration comes from the Riviera Maya, Mexico, accompanied with ancient therapeutic art. Learn how to create the ancient ritual and experience cocoa’s power. Learn the applications and the ancestral background of this plant and seed. Working the aromatic essences to rise in an organic method sensorial experiences. We celebrate the cocoa’s dance. Learn to create the ancestors ritual and live the cocoa’s power. Learn usages and ancestors backgrounds from this plant and its seed We work with aromatic essences, crystals and shamanic dance to enhance organically sensorial experiences. Rooting meditation for connecting the heart with Mother Earth.

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