Mo., 01. Juli | Zürich

Cocoa Healing Ceremony, Dance & Colors

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Cocoa Healing Ceremony, Dance & Colors

Time & Location

01. Juli 2019, 18:30 – 21:45
Zürich, Zürich, Switzerland

About The Event



Monday 1st July . 18:30-21:30

Address: secret place in the Nature

Entrance: 50chf (flexibility for special cases contact us ;) )

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what´s up: +41 79 5815274 & email:



►Sahumation (cleansing through copal burning)

►Cocoa spirit

►Healing session

►Totemic animal connection

►Shamanic dance

►Sensory meditation

►Crystal programming

►Oracle card message


Experience the hand made cocoa drink like you’ve never done before to expand the power of your heart 💚 in this summer sommer day when the sun is in one of its more powerful, bringing us grow & prosperity in a magical time for love, passion and spiritual cleansing.

We celebrate the great medicine of the cocoa through the body, art and heart. It will be a ceremony full of colors and emotions, where a sensorial journey will open your soul to connect with the energy of peace and love. Reconnecting with our inner child and our roots. It is a celebration that deepens the openness of the heart, accompanied with ancient therapeutic art.

The cocoa is a sacred medicine, that helps to open the heart chakra and the solar plexus, because it has theobromine that is a vasodilator, diuretic & heart stimulant.

In the ceremony you may feel expansive, grounded, connected to self and/or others, connected to your intuition & vision, connected to spirit, emotions arise, the movement of stuck energy, and the joy of being in a safe sacred circle contained by each of the participants who are gathered to enjoy this journey to the heart.

We will celebrate the cocoa’s dance with the beat of the drum evoking your totemic animal.

We will work the aromatic essences to rise in an organic method sensorial experiences.

Learn usages and ancestors backgrounds from this plant and its seed

We will chant medicine mantras

We’ll root the meditation of connecting the heart with Mother Earth.

We will set intentions by programming crystals

It also includes:

*Sahumation (cleansing through copal burning).

*Oracle crystal card message

*Breathing dynamic

Cocoa’s benefits, such as:

*Antioxidants exploitation

*Release of endorphins

*Sensation of peace and vitality

*Exploitation of magnesium in its natural state (seed)

Benefits of the ceremony:

*Re connection with the heart

*Self empowerment

*Energetic liberation.

*Corporal relaxation

*Connection with the art and the spirit of cocoa from the mayan Grand Mother root.


-Mariflor: master in human empowerment & energy healer🌈

“With love & together everything is possible!. I am a magician of life, believing and being the transformational power of love. I stand up for love and the inner child that we all have inside! You have a rainbow start in your heart, it is your job to turn it on to manifest the life of your dreams and I'm here to help you in this journey!”

-Bheki: african panther expert percussionist & body movement🎶

“ I am the african panther. I share and inspire the strength for body movement. Your roots are part of you. Without them you are a half being, the tree without root is a dead tree”

We are full of hope & love to meet you in this magical ceremony!

Mariflor & Bheki