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This is an Eco-friendly power bank made by Libattion GmbH, a Swiss company focused in positively contributing the environment, through the upcycling of Lithium batteries to reduce CO2 emissions. Nowadays lithium-ion batteries are being thrown away while they still have huge amount of electrical capacity on them. The purchase of one of these power banks save 1.5Kg of CO2-eq. In this way, we use the resources consciously respecting nature. This is the only power bank in the market which you can exchange the battery when its bad, saving in this way, the electronic and the housing.
Security: Over charging and over discharging protection, short circuit protection, input voltage protection, temperature protection, hardware short circuit protection, current protection and reset protection.
Capacity: 2800 mAh
Output : 1A /5V
Input: 1A / 5V
Include micro USB cable.
Features: exchangeable battery!!


ECO-mini Powerbank

SKU: 010
CHF 15.00 Regular Price
CHF 10.95Sale Price
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