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It is an ECO-FRIENDLY amulet (instrument necklace) to play the beats of your heart and enjoy bringing happiness to your life everywhere! WAKE UP INNER CHILD!


Inspired by the castanets of Spain and adapted to a new way of playing! Completely handcrafted with recycled wood, which makes each piece unique. Great for children and your Inner Child! You can easily carry it and is an ideal gift.


PLAYING the BODYPER 5 to 10 minutes per day allows you to:


*activate your Thymus gland known as the upper heart (see below the benefits)

*project & boost your energy levels

*stimulate your immune system

*aura protector (sound frequency)

*increase levels of serotonin (happiness)

*release stored tension

*wake up your inner child

*increase coordination

*explore creative expression

*improve cognitive skills

*improves social interaction

*have natural wellbeing and joy connecting with magical people everywhere!!!


*Also see the colorful Bodypers made with Biofilaments*


Group drumming with the Bodyper can complement traditional talk therapy methods. Players can drum out their feelings without saying a word or without having to reveal their issues. Making music together in a group can be a connective experience, encouraging self-expression as well as lots of hands-on fun!


*About the Thymus gland: it is known as the gland of happiness and emotion. It means vital energy. The thymus grows when we are happy and shrinks when we are sad, stressed and even more so when we get sick. It is one of the pillars of our immune system, it is directly connected to the senses, consciousness and language. Positive thoughts manage to activate all its powers, believe to see! This is how the Bodyper relates to this wonderful gland, stimulating it just by giving small vibrations taps on our chest with the Bodyper for 5 to 10 minutes daily, will change and brighten your life! The change comes from you.





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  • In case of manufacturing failure, we can send you a new product. You only have to pay the shipment costs.

  • The shipment costs and conditions are according the Swiss post office.

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